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Phonogram, Volume 2: The Singles Club (2009)

Phonogram, Volume 2: The Singles Club (2009)
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Phonogram, Volume 2: The Singles Club...
Phonogram, Volume 2: The Singles Club (2009)

About book: On a roll now with the graphic novels, and this runs The Wicked + The Divine a close second. One club, one night, told from a number of customer's different angles. It helps if you know your female-led bands from the Brit-pop era (Kenickie, New Young Pony Club etc). I love the idea of a number of characters being 'Phonomancers' - basically the Jedi like ability to influence people through song (kind of).An inspired novel - you don't need to have read Rue Britannia beorehand - it may be even better to read them the wrong way round!Am sure you would enjoy... The Singles Club is just as light and fun as the last one is heavy. Whereas Rue Brittania was a discussion of art and how to progress from one success to another without replicating it, The Singles Club is set in a music club where a fellow phonomancer is spinning that night, with three rules: no boy singers, you must dance, and no magic (in some sort of Egyptian-esque script). David Kohl is back, one year after the slaying of Brittania, along with Emily and his other non-magic buddy (who has a really awesome scene set to TV on the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me,” which is pretty much like what the music video should have been). A couple of new characters arrive on the scene, one narcissistic dancer (who all real phonomancers either hate or have serious desires for) and the really depressed music lover who just responds to every question with a lyric. A couple of fellas as well: one broken-hearted love interest, and one guy named Lloyd who becomes the pun of every Camera Obscura “Hey Lloyd, I’m Ready to be Heartbroken” joke (which was actually wonderful). This one was a fun romp through sequencing, music references, the plot and growing romances between characters, and club culture. I thought the levity here really balanced out the heaviness of the last volume. I’ll definitely pick up the next one.
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Why aren't these better!?! I so wanted it to be good, but it wasn't.
One of the most uplifting comics I've ever read.
A good book for obnoxious people.
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