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P.I. On A Hot Tin Roof (2013)

P.I. on a Hot Tin Roof (2013)
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P.I. On A Hot Tin Roof (2013)
P.I. On A Hot Tin Roof (2013)

About book: Julie Smith is becoming one of my all-time favorite mystery writers. Set in New Orleans and centered on the activity of Private Investigator Talba Wallis, AKA The Duchess de Pontalba (nom de plume she took from the historical New Orleans Baroness), this book follows the downfall of a corrupt judge out to destroy an up and coming lawyer who won't bow to his pressure. Wallis cleans up the situation, literally as she poses as a housekeeper to infiltrate the judge's home, then must clean up the aftermath as well, as the judge has a teen-aged daughter who reacts poorly to her father's disgrace. All said, a very well written story, with plenty of plot twists and good characterization to leave the reader wanting to know more about the characters. Fortunately, this is book four in a series that, with luck, will continue filling us in on the life and times of Talba Wallis.
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