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Pieces Of Olivia (2014)

Pieces of Olivia (2014)

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About book Pieces Of Olivia (2014)

El desrrolo del libro fue hermoso, la manera en que Olivia va superando sus sentimientos de culpabilidad y permitiéndose volver a vivir y a ser feliz me gustó muchísimo. Lo que me desagradó fué que cuando se supó la historia de Preston, se da a entender que es por causa de los problemas de Olivia que no logra aceptarlo, cuando si nos ponemos a ver creo que nadie aceptaría felizmente que le oculten cosas tan importantes, tenga o no traumas. El final tampoco estuvo a la altura del resto del libro de ahí que sólo tenga 4 estrellas e lugar de las 5 que inicialmente pensé que le daría 2.5 stars. This was not a horrible story, but it was not a great story either. I had a sense of déjà vu reading this book. It reminded me a lot of two different books I have read. It was like a perfect combo of those two together with the writing of the emails and the "horrible incident". I'm sure that's not really what this was but... I also did not like that it had only been 6 months since the tragedy happened to Olivia but people were telling her it was more than time to move on. Kara and Preston's secret was a little predictable. Everything just seemed a little immature to me. The one person I did love in this book was Rose. She totally outshines the MCs. The little blub at the end of the book for the second one in this series, looks much more interesting. I may give it a chance and see if this series can be redeemed.

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Well, 3.5 stars. When I get my blood pressure level down, I'll post a link to the review.

I think my favorite person in this whole book was her counselor.

I loved this book! I didn't want to put it down!

Full review to follow.

Review to come

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