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Pierre De Lune, Tome 1 (2010)

Pierre de lune, Tome 1 (2010)

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About book Pierre De Lune, Tome 1 (2010)

I enjoyed this book well enough that I wanted to finish it, but not well enough that I am anxiously awaiting the next installment. There were quite a few grammatical errors that just bug me when reading what should be a well-edited book, since it's been published. It took me much longer to read this than it normally takes me to finish a book, simply because it was easy for me to put it down and resume it later. Definitely not worth the current Amazon price tag of nearly $10! Netgally provided me with four books in this series as an exclusive review set and it appears that there must be at least one more to the series because at the end of book 4, although Allie had found the person she needed to help her, she still hadn’t saved the world from the threat of the Dark Fey and the Trimarks.The Moonstone series is about Allie, a fifteen year old girl who lives in a small town in Washington State. In the first book, she gains psychic powers, is given a magical moonstone pendant, and battles evil Trimarks who try to steal the stone for their own nefarious purposes. In the following books we uncover the mysteries of her family tree, travel to a fairy realm, discover a prophecy and search for the other person it mentions.As it says in the blurb - Fun, romantic, quirky and different, this YA fantasy series is a good read for young and mid-teen readers, but also for older teens and adults. I loved the light hearted moments in this series. It’s refreshing departure from the plethora of heavy YA books out there. The characters are all great. Alllie is someone I respect and who I like spending time with. Her boyfriends (a different one in each book) are good strong characters and her girlfriends are delightful. Allie’s mum and her friend Kizzy are both strong characters and their relationships and interactions with Allie are well thought out and realistic.The story took me in directions I hadn’t imagined and in book 2, introduced some delightfully bizarre characters. Each book had a satisfying conclusion, but left enough unfinished to set the scene for the next instalment.This is a terrific series and I was disappointed that the publisher hadn’t included the last book in the set. I love being able to read a whole series without having to wait for a year between books, but it seems I will be waiting for the finale of this one. I recommend that you buy the whole lot and tuck yourself away for a good long read.The only thing I didn’t like about this read was that I didn’t get to the end, and that can be solved as soon as the next book comes out. I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it.

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Read in 2009.Wonderful series dealing with witches, fae and other magical creatures.

hahah got on free for on amazon for the kindle !! REALLY GOO D :)

young adult...but funny

Pretty good.

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