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Piggies In The Kitchen (2011)

Piggies in the Kitchen (2011)
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1416937870 (ISBN13: 9781416937876)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
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Piggies In The Kitchen (2011)
Piggies In The Kitchen (2011)

About book: Delightful story with amusing illustrations. After saying goodbye to Mama Pig who is heading off to work, five little piggies make a mess of the kitchen as they bake. A cute story told in rhyme. As the piggies start to bake, "Squeeze out sticks of butter, flour in the bowl. Carton takes a tumble, eggs begin to roll." they are on the lookout for Mama. "Snip, snap go the blinds. 'Is Mama coming NOW?'' Nope, it isn't Mama! It's only Mrs. Cow.'" Eventually their project is completed, and there's a surprise at the end. Very entertaining. This romp of a book features a wild family of pigs who want to make a special surprise for their mother. Told in rollicking rhyme, the pace is fast and fun. The mess of batter, eggs, flour and more adds to the visual appeal and appeal. As vehicles come down the road, the piglets must scurry to try to hide what they are baking in case it is Mara returning. This adds another layer of frantic dashing to the busy story. Happily, Papa steps in to save the day and help with the oven and everyone lends a hand to tidy up. When Mama returns it is to a lovely birthday surprise.Meadows has expertly paced this book with a frantic, wild pace that suits it to a tee. The rhyming is enjoyable and really begs to be read quickly to match the pace of the story. Meadows has also mixed in noises like engines and baking sounds to further add to the appeal of the book.Hoyt’s illustrations add a merry mess of baking fun into the book. They are active, dripping, goopy and just great fun. Keep an eye on the littlest of the piglets as she tries to keep up with the bigger ones, often getting glopped on in the process.An very enjoyable book to add to a story time about pigs, baking or birthdays. Appropriate for ages 3-5.
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A fun cooking/birthday/mothers book. Fun rhythm and I liked the illustrations.
This would be fun to read aloud with young ones.
Cute little mommy celebration.
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