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Piiri (2011)

Piiri (2011)

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I'm stopping here. It's boring and poorly written and it's about 6 teenage girls with tons of teenage problems that I just don't give a poop about. Or okay some of the problems are serious, like eating disorder and bullying, but I don't care about the characters because of the constant shift between 6 point of views which makes it hard to connect with any of them. So I'm letting you go "little" book and returning you to the library (thank god). Farewell. First off: POTTY MOUTH ALERT! This book had an incredible amount of F-bombs. I don't know how swear words are treated when books are translated, if the just turn everything into the F word whether the real word is of the same severity or not, but maaaaaaan. Be warned.You know, I liked this book. It wasn't exactly what I thought it as going to be, but I liked it.The Circle (the English version) is about a group of teenage girls living in a small town in Sweden. They come from all walks of life, from the "average" Minoo with her doctor mother and newspaper editor father, to the bullied Anna-Karin, to the risqué Vanessa and everything in between. After a murder staged as the suicide of Linnea's (one of the girls) best friend, Elias, the girls are drawn to an abandoned theme park on the night of a mystic, blood-red moon. There, with the confused school janitor, they find out that they are the Chosen Ones: witches with the power to stop demons from bringing about the apocalypse. No pressure. Their mission? To find Elias's murderer, who is a human the demons have blessed with power to act for them, and vanquish him/her. Only, the killer has no plans to go quietly, and tries, through telepathy, to kill three more of the girls. Also, the girls must try to figure out their each individual powers-- at least, those who appear to have them. The book is told in the alternating views of Four of the original Six: Minoo, Anna-Karin, Rebecka, and Vanessa.Now, in both that description, and the one found on the back of the book, you'd think it'd be a book about magic, right? But it's not, not really. It's more of a story about six separate girls, living six separate lives, with a little magic thrown in. Doesn't sound all that "Circle"y, right? They seem to really form a group together, at least not in this volume.And, I must say.... (Spoiler Alert) but Rebecka's death totally didn't make sense to me during most of the book. I mean, a great part of the book had been in her point of view up until that point, so what was the point of all that character building and investing time in her and her issues if she's going to be killed off? I thought she had to be coming back somewhere later in the book, because the timing, I guess, just didn't feel right to me. And I guess, through Ida and Anna-Karin's vision later on, she does appear again, which felt a little better. It just felt very... Off-kilter to me.However, having said that, I did enjoy the book. Enough to immediately download the sequel, which I ADORED. So if you're feeling so-so on the first book, just try the second! It gets even better :)

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detta var första boken och en intro till häxorna i Engelsfors. Jag är ovan att läsa fantasy

Great book. just takes a really freaking long time. and as YA, it shouldn't take this long!



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