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Pink Slips And Glass Slippers (2012)

Pink Slips and Glass Slippers (2012)
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Pink Slips And Glass Slippers (2012)
Pink Slips And Glass Slippers (2012)

About book: An enjoyable read...don't understand why some readers are surprised that is written by a man. I personally think it is interesting to read a romance from a man's perspective.The characters are well described, you can easily picture the scenes and when you think you know what is going on, you get a twist an unexpected surprise.The journey of Brooke, her self discovery was an interesting part of the book. As many stories go, there are ups and downs, confusion, miss-communication but it all works out at the end.The book was well written and well done to the author for keeping a good storyline going to the very end, as well as addressing some difficult issues everyday people face. I usually read self-help books and loved J.P. Hansen's "Bliss List." When I saw that he wrote a novel, I decided to buy this for my vacation since it was billed as a great beach read. I was not disappointed. I especially liked how Brooke turned to Shane, her life coach, for advice. He was an interesting character and using a life coach adds a contemporary touch to a classic love story. Very inspirational message and I loved the ending.
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Oksana character was my favorite one. Is nice to see a character with my same name and she was good.
I thought the story was clever, but integrating The Bliss List was pure genius. I love this author!
Funny, inspiring, easy to read, great characters, interesting, and good love scenes.
This story made me laugh, cry, yearn, love, hope, and dream. Thank you J.P. Hansen!
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