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Piper's Son, The (2011)

Piper's Son, The (2011)

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1455803774 (ISBN13: 9781455803774)
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I'm putting this on hold for now. Thomas mackee is kinda similar to Adam Wilde from where she went, which is kinda annoying because of their arrogance and bad behavior. To be fair, the first chapter is intense and exciting, the characterization is also excellent. Just by reading chapter 1, you can already see how thomas mackee transformed into a douchebag by being rude to francesca.After the first chapter though, there were too many info dumps on thomas mackee's family members and I was just bored and I just got lost on who's who. MM could've handled that better. She should've introduced the family members on the course of the novel and not on 1-2 chapters. I DNF this because It just wasn't doing anything to me and Im getting bored as I read more and more chapters. So disappointing because I loved saving francesca and gave it 5 stars. I will try to get back to this in order to give a fair assessment. But just by judging from what I've finished, I'm pretty sure this won't garner five or even four stars from me. The info dump of numerous family members in just 2 chapters is a very critical flaw that I just can't overlook. To be very honest, I started The Piper’s Son because I wanted more Francesca and Will and I got more then my share. Tom’s story was surprising in all its emotional ingenuity. I wasn't expecting so much heart and passion and so much sadness. But it was. It went above and beyond and I’m so glad that I did read it. Because it was about sadness and tragedy and loneliness and not knowing who you are or where life is going to lead you next, but its also about healing and friends who never give up on you and family and knowing that no matter how much you don’t LIKE them, you’ll always, always, always LOVE them. Hats off.

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Fantastic book....words cannot express how much I loved it!!

As good as Jellicoe Road, Finnikin, Quintana, and Froi.

Very slow.

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