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Play To The End (2006)

Play to the End (2006)
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Play To The End (2006)
Play To The End (2006)

About book: Middle-aged actor Tobe Flood is stuck in a theatrical tour that’s sputtering to an end. The last week of it’s lackluster run is in Brighton, where his soon to be ex-wife is living with her new fiancé. Tobe’s hoping to somehow convince her to come to her senses and take him back. By the end of the week, though, he finds himself in the middle of a decades-old mystery that threatens to end his career, if not his life.This is the third Robert Goddard novel I’ve read, and the one I liked the best. What his novels all have in common is an intelligent plot that’s full of twists and turns and well-drawn characters. In the midst of my enthusiasm for my new-found author, I was looking through the December 12, 2008 issue of Entertainment Weekly and saw Stephen King’s picks for the best books of 2008. The novels of Robert Goddard were at the top of his list. Apparently, King just discovered the author this year, too. As he said in the article:"You discover a guy who’s doing work on such a high level, and the disturbing question occurs: Who else have I missed that’s this good?" --ArdisFrom ICPL Staff Picks Blog

This is a British thriller of sorts. Our hero is an actor who stars in a weak play touring England. He lands in Brighton, where is (separated) wife has taken up with a local industrialist with a secret past. THe characters are witty and the plot is complicated, but frankly, it is hard to buy into this story. Like many English novels of this genre it is all about a complicated plot put toghether like a Swiss watch. I doubt many crimes are really like this; live is too full of chaos to allow such complex plots to unfold. I prefer the better American thrillers, where the characters seem more real.
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Bryan Higgs
Number 16 in my anal, Robert Goddard novel reading quest.This one's a good one. Unlike the previous two, it doesn't go far-afield at the end, to explain what has been happening -- either geographically, or plot-wise.A common characteristic of a Robert Goddard novel is that you don't know what's happening, but the layers of the plot onion are slowly peeled away, and then you think that you know what happened (or a little of it), but then -- sudden clever twist (for which Goddard is famous) -- and no you don't. This one certainly fits that mold, and is cast (pun intended!) in a different situation -- the protagonist is a stage actor.Recommended -- but then, I haven't read one of his yet that I wouldn't recommend.
Barbara Bryan
Toby the actor is in brighton with his play. His wife says someone is stalking/harassing her and he looks into it. He is embroiled in a mystery of his separated wife's fiance's family. Easy read (I listened to it). Mystery was interesting and book well written. WOuld read others of his books.
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