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Please Don’t Take My Baby (2013)

Please Don’t Take My Baby (2013)

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0007514913 (ISBN13: 9780007514915)
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About book Please Don’t Take My Baby (2013)

As I said before, this book seriously could have done with some editing. I can't believe all the fluff that was allowed through to the end printing. There were a few typos and unnecessary descriptions that made it aggravating to read at points. Anyway, that being said, this book was okay. I liked it since it had a nice ending and it was a quick book to read. I didn't like it as much as the others by Cathy Glass, simply because of the needless descriptions and editing failures. Yet again i have given in and read another Cathy Glass book..... i always say i dont enjoy them and that they are a waste of time but still i go back and read another. This book was ok i guess very informative like Cathy Glass always is with her books. This is one of the things that annoys me about her books. We dont always need to know every detail like when she has a cup of tea etc... Wasn't the worst one ive read though.

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A heart wrenching and simply told story as per her usual books!

This book was very good. It had me in tears several times.

simple read but enjoyed the storyline...makes you think...

loved this book, couldn't put it down :-D

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