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Pleasure Unbound (2008)

Pleasure Unbound (2008)

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About book Pleasure Unbound (2008)

I'm on an adult paranormal romance kick, so I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The different species names were a little hard to remember and sort through because the glossary at the beginning has like four words in it, but it's an easy, guilty-pleasure kind of read. I don't have much to say about it since books in this genre are generally formulaic. If you like shameless supernatural sex, vampires, demons, and demon-slayers, then this is your next favorite book.And I mean it. Lots of sex. Though, truth be told, I loved it. (I told you - guilty pleasure.) This is book one in the Demonica/Lords of Deliverance Series. (I love this series title.)Seminus demons are a form of incubi and are male. They appear as attractive humans, have sexual pheromones that can unhinge the most avowed female. Who knew they could be so much more.Tayla Mancuso is an Aegis slayer, enemy to all demons. She loves her job. She dresses in red leather and comes fully armed to any battle. After one such battle that went awry she lands in Underworld General, a demon hospital run by Eidolon. Eidolon is stunned to have a humanoid female in his hospital. His brother Wraith wants to take her outside and dispose of her, but he would not allow it. After suturing her and taking care of his other duties, Eidolon returns to check on Tayla. He is examining her sutures when she awakens in what she thinks is a dream. (Wraith had put it in her head.) Her sexual need is explosive and she wants him. He tries to reason with her, to get her to wake up, to get her to stop, but he is a Seminus demon after all, and that goes against his nature.This couple have their own “demons” (forgive the pun). Tayla hungers for sexual pleasure, but never gets it. Eidolon makes her burn with desire and that conflicts with her job. She will have to betray the sexy doctor to keep her loyalty from being questioned. Eidolon is conflicted. Tayla is his enemy, but she is intriguing, and could answer questions he seeks. Not to mention the redhead makes him crazy. His brothers are questioning his sanity for keeping her alive and taking her home. This is another new favorite series for me. I love the development of the characters. I love the three demon brothers, and I love Underworld General. It gets a 10 on the McBride Moxy Meter.

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3.5 stars. surprisingly good, interesting and well written. Another good series to follow.

Highly imaginative, great storytelling, and a good way to pass the time.

Was good to finally read the first book

Eh...this was just ok for me.

Loved this book...

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