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Pleasures Of Cooking For One (2014)

Pleasures of Cooking for One (2014)

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1299253237 (ISBN13: 9781299253230)
Knopf Publishing Group

About book Pleasures Of Cooking For One (2014)

This book contains many "fancy" recipes. It's not really written for someone who is starting to cook for themselves. It's more of a book for someone who had a family, but is now just cooking for themselves. Most of the recipes were too "fancy" or contained items I don't have in my kitchen, or were simply just recipes which I had no interest in making.It has some nice ideas for what to do with leftovers. I thought I should check this out since I need to cook more instead of doing frozen when hubby is out of town so much. There were things I liked and disliked about the book. The good things were day 2 and day 3 recipes to handle the leftovers. The down side was several recipes were things that were more labor intensive than I wanted or used foods that I wouldn't normally buy. But hands down I think having soup recipes for one was the neatest thing in the book. I'm on the fence about getting my own copy, I might have to check it out again and actually use some of the recipes instead of just reading it.

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The cooking was too complicated for me. Not into it as much as the author.

I love this book. It's pretty much my food bible.

A great cookbook and love the pictures.

A really excellent cookbook.


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