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Ponga Magia En Su Empresa: 10 Estrategias De Sentido Comum Desarrolladas En Disney (2008)

Ponga Magia en su Empresa: 10 Estrategias de Sentido Comum Desarrolladas en Disney (2008)

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8492452110 (ISBN13: 9788492452118)
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About book Ponga Magia En Su Empresa: 10 Estrategias De Sentido Comum Desarrolladas En Disney (2008)

Reading Cockerell's writing, he comes across a little like a Ross Perot type. He talks about his early career, and he was not the favorite of his employees. He describes his hard-nosed earlier self getting beaten up by employees twice! From there he does have a revelation or two that lead him to become a much more progressive manager and leader. The book is based around lists of how to be a great leader. These lists contain additional lists, so on audio this was impossible to follow without perfect attention. When the lists started I assumed I would not like this book at all, but the large number of anecdotes, from Disney and from Cockerell's prior stints at Marriott and other employers, were interesting and kept being interesting throughout. These include stories about pin collecting, recognition letters to employees children, the "Disney stoop", dealing with waits, the size of ironing boards in hotels, etc. It is exactly the kinds of things you would expect a Disney executive to be writing about. The only thing that really surprised me was that Cockerell takes credit for a number of changes within Disney and other places he worked, including pushing pin trading and putting full-size ironing boards in hotel rooms. After chapters on spreading recognition around, these kinds of statements didn't sit well. This ends with an advertisement for Disney's leadership institute, and advertisements for consultants in books is another pet peeve of mine. Note that many of the stories here are aimed at leaders of large companies. Much is applicable to the leader running an organization, but not necessarily for those lower on the totem pole. The lists could have been written by many different authors -- read this one for the Disney anecdotes. This book has countess "golden nuggets" in it and "notable quotables" that our team has been able to apply within our business. As a business coach, I strongly recommend this book to the Fortune 500 companies as well as the small businesses I work with. What makes this book so powerful is that the man who used to run the daily operations of Walt Disney World Resort is the one who wrote it. It's amazing how much a small business owner, entrepreneur or leader can learn from a book written by a guy who used to manage over 45,000 Disney "Cast Members."

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The only leadership book I've ever read that made me cry a little. Good stories and good advice.

It had a lot of good points, but it was very drawn out. it took me awhile to get through.

One of my top 5 leadership books. I subscribe to his blog as well. Excellent leader!

Worth reading twice.

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