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Por Que Amamos A Igreja (2010)

Por que amamos a igreja (2010)

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Editora Mundo Cristão

About book Por Que Amamos A Igreja (2010)

I enjoyed this book, thought maybe mostly because I love the church too. I agree with a lot that these guys have to say. Church, despite its imperfections, is a vital part of the Christian life. And not only that, but God calls us to corporate worship. Don't give up the church because you think it isn't doing things right. And don't neglect going regularly because you just need a break and need to rest at home. Not going to church doesn't really count as Sabbath rest...I definitely disagreed with some of the things they said, but those things didn't really have anything to do with the subject of the book. Overall it was a good read, though I can see how people who need convincing wouldn't necessarily like it. Is it a good thing to love what Jesus loves? Many Christian circles today find it in vogue to "like Jesus but not His followers". They go well beyond "pointing out problems" and end up in the camp of despising anything that's less than their ideal fellowship. But while many hate the church, Jesus loves her. He died for her and He's working to cleanse her and present her to Himself spotless. I love this book because these two men love what Jesus loves- warts and all.

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Excellent about the current views of the church and truths about the church.

Very convicting and informative. Strengthened my love for the local church.


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