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Porch Lights (2012)

Porch Lights (2012)

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0061961299 (ISBN13: 9780061961298)
William Morrow

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I wanted to sit on the porch of the Salty Dog cottage on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina with Annie (the wacky mother), Jackie (Annie's daughter who served as an Army nurse in Afghanistan), Buster (Annie's husband who returned after 11 years apart), Steve (the handsome, widowed, doctor who lives next door), Deb (Annie's best friend), and Charlie (Jackie's son). They enjoyed good food and drinks.The story was told with alternating chapters by Annie and Jackie. This was a light read with some romance, tragedy, and, of course, a happy ending!There were references to Edgar Allan Poe's, "The Gold Bug," and the fact that he lived on Sullivan's Island. After reading this book, I want to sit on the porch on Sullivan's Island at night & listen to the waves. Even though the story was hugely predictable, I enjoyed it. I was secretly hoping that Jackie would go back to NY & the romance between her & Steve would take time to blossom. One thing that bothered me with the conversation between Jackie & Libby (the waitress) was that Libby asked Jackie "what do y'all want?", when all southerners know that y'all is plural. Overall, a good easy summer read

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I love her characters that have trouble with each other but still love each other just like life

Very good story. Pleasant reading all the way! Almost makes me want to move to Charleston!

Enjoyed it!!

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