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Possum Living: How To Live Well Without A Job And With (Almost) No Money (2010)

Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and with (Almost) No Money (2010)
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Possum Living: How To Live Well Witho...
Possum Living: How To Live Well Without A Job And With (Almost) No Money (2010)

About book: Hilarious! It was written when she was 18 years old which makes the content so funny coming from a kid. Definitely in her hilly-billy phase she writes about lovely things like making moonshine and how to physically threaten lawyers. BUT over all it's got a great message about looking at things differently and not being one of the sheeple. It was fun to read and went very fast. And I love that she went off to become a NASA engineer. Of course she did. Sassy and informative and laugh out loud funny, I could not put this book down. Though there is little chance I will be leaving the money economy to buy a ramshackle house in the woods and raise my own food, I love reading the tales of anyone who has done it successfully. And while some of their antics were a tad disturbing (the elder Dolly thought so,too), I was pretty amazed that this was written by an "uneducated" eighteen year old. I sure as heck didn't know as much as she did at that age. Here's to possums everywhere!
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Interesting insight, a good quick read. The book is good, but the epilogue make it worth it!
Remarkable how relevant most sections of this book remain.
I've promised my father-in-law I would read this.
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