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Prank Wars (2012)

Prank Wars (2012)

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I loved the mystery and action mixed in with the romance! I know others have said they didn't like the second half of the book but I actually liked that better than the first half. The story made me remember my time at BYU and I think that made it more enjoyable since I could easily relate to several situations. Someone that isn't familiar with BYU or LDS culture might not enjoy the book as much. I thought it was great! Prank Wars reminded me of a roller coaster ride. At times it was incredibly fun and entertaining, at others you saw glimpses of incredible things (in the author’s writing) and then there were moments when you were so confused you had no idea which way you were going to turn next. But as your car slides back into the gates and the ride comes to a close, you realize that you’d like to do it again.As much as I enjoyed this book, I often found that I had troubles keeping up with the writer. It moved from one scene to the next with such a quick pace that I often felt like I was left behind. I had to re-read several of the scenes and at times, moved on anyway when I couldn’t figure out what, who or when something was taking place. I couldn’t actually figure out if it was a quirky writing style or if the writer simply jumped around. I’m at a bit of a loss to describe it. I would begin a chapter and think, “What?” but, being a writer myself, knowing that you should start in the middle of something and clear it up from there and assume the author would make the direction clear. Then it would go down a rabbit trail that had nothing to do with the original opening. Then find another rabbit trail. I had to read many of the conversations repeatedly just to get the gist of them and there were too many times when lingo was used that most readers wouldn’t understand.But, with that said, I liked this book. The more I read, the more I liked it. And I’m not a person to re-read any conversation or text unless I’m really enjoying the story and characters. For me, characters make the book, even with a bad plot. So, when you have interesting characters like Madeline and Byron that certainly don’t fit a mold and you add in an intriguing plot, I’ll push through a little confusion. And, in this case, I was pleasantly rewarded with a fast-paced thriller. It was the last thing I expected from a comedic new adult romance but, everything about this one broke the molds. I will be looking for other books by this author for sure, if only to see if she always uses this quirky writing style.

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nothing like I expected. a good way.


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