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Preda (1998)

Preda (1998)

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About book Preda (1998)

Oh Christopher pike. We have a roller coaster relationship. I like some of your books and dislike some but this one I wish I could go back and reverse the decision to read. I tried so hard to push through and read it all hoping eventually the characters would become likeable,that they would be less self absorbed, or the plot would become intriguing. Alas, it was not meant to be. The story was bland, the narration condescending and the characters perpetually irritating. I could not make it through therefore this book will fall into my pile of "never to be seen again" farewell To be quite blunt: This. Book. Sucked. I'm only on page 200 and I could not fathom reading two more books of this series. First off, the protagonist, Sita (or whatever else you want to call her) is the just worst. She is dull, cruel and devoid of any true emotion. She beguiles men and uses them for blood or sex. Also, can you say: stuck up? God, she meets a boy at school named Seymour and immediately acts like the biggest bitch. "You think you're a nerd because you think you're so smart. I'm a lot smarter than you and I look great." Literally what Sita says to the poor boy, and what does he do? WORSHIP THE GROUND SHE WALKS ON. Unrealistic depiction of high school. Sita flirts with this poor boy and leads him on, she actually stripped In front of him at one point for no reason except to show off.Secondly, lets talk Ray. Ray is already in a long going and healthy relationship with somebody else. Sita comes into the picture, and he completely forgets his amazing and kind girlfriend in 10 seconds. He goes to Sita's house and they have sex after hours of meeting. Oh, and did I mention... Sita KILLED Ray's dad....Finally, every attempt at creating a background for Sita (the explanation of how her vampire-ism came about) is definitely cringe worthy. The story is weird and just does not fit in with the main plot very well as it has a completely different tone. It's like reading two books In one...This book may have had some potential. The amount of flaws in just the first 200 pages has totally convinced me that this series is my worth reading. It's just horrible.

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I loved this story! I loved Sita, loved her "voice." Can't wait to read the rest :-)

Loved it so much I've read it more than a couple times.

Not a bad book.

Loved it!

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