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Pretending (2000)

Pretending (2000)

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Two people who have been living together for three years should at least be friendly in the hallways. But Doll and Wesley have barely exchanged a word during that amount of time. The mansion is big enough so they do cross path too often... And they are both very busy being archeologists (or at least a student in archeology for Doll).Then Wesley meets her. Without her usual make-up or sweater to change her appearance... She is great.And when they kiss... Fireworks !Now, they are finally seeing each other after three years. And because they think they know what brought them together, they are about to be faced with some challenges...Frankly, it was a nice story. The main characters are basically the only ones with interesting story lines. It was unsurprising, but written in a such a way that it doesn't bother you. If you want an escape, it is a very good one. 2.5 Stars.Dahlia and Wesley have lived together for the last 3 years, not by choice of course. Wesley's father, Dahlia's step father left terms in his will stating that in order for them to receive their inheritance they had to graduate college and live together while getting their degree. They live in a huge mansion and they don't really see each other, and that's they way Wesley likes it. He avoids Dahlia at all costs. Dahlia keeps to herself, mostly because of a secret she is hiding. In the mix of that there is an archeological / indian jones feel to the book. Both Dahlia and Wesley are treasure hunters and are after a unique antique.The likes:*Funny banter between Dahlia and Wesley*From "hate to love" book :)*Wesley's protectiveness of Dahlia.*Dual POVThe dislikes: *You're really telling me that you live in a house with someone for years and you don't know what they look like? Come on Wesley!*Dahlia's crazy need to be invisible, going as far as having her friend put makeup on her everyday to make her look ugly....? What?!?!*Although I liked Wesley, I had a hard time connecting with him. There wasn't much depth to his character and could be lumped in with every other cocky guy closed off guy who falls and changes for the girl.*At times there was too much going on. Dahlia's ex-boyfriend, the treasure hunt, archeology, Weasley's father, Dahlia's shitty best friends, black mail.... the list goes on. The book reminded me of the movie "The Mummy". There was actually a part in the book that is VERY similar to the movie- Daliah and Wesley's first encounter in the library. Enjoy.

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3.5 stars. Good light read with some suspense.

What a gem of a book. Absolutely loved it!

3.5 stars.

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