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Pretenses (2006)

Pretenses (2006)
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0743296133 (ISBN13: 9780743296137)
simon & schuster
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Pretenses (2006)
Pretenses (2006)

About book: Nobody's Innocent The city of D.C. is being terrorized and preyed upon by its latest predator - the Rapist. This serial rapist is like no other - he's raping men. Most of his victims are too ashamed to report their rapes, making an already hard job harder for Special Agent Phoenix Perry as she attempts to track him down.The murders of a prominent judge and her husband take precedence as Phoenix is reassigned to the case along with her best friend and fellow agent Kelly McPherson. As more victims die, its apparent that they are dealing with one killer. A skilled, crafty, and very dangerous killer like no other. A killer that will stop at nothing to get what she wants. A highly intelligent multilingual killer trained in the martial arts of the Orient. Has Special Agent Perry met her match? Will she be able to stop this ruthless mad woman before it's too late. It's kill or be killed.All hail the new king of suspense/thriller!! Mr. Johnson did the thing in this prequel to 'Sugar and Spice.' His work is suspenseful and cutting edge. All though not intentional, I think releasing 'Sugar and Spice' first was marketing genius. After reading about a certain someone in that book, I just knew I had to read 'Pretenses' to see how it all began and went down. Job well done.
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