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Principesse Dimenticate O Sconosciute... (2000)

Principesse dimenticate o sconosciute... (2000)

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8845114007 (ISBN13: 9788845114007)

About book Principesse Dimenticate O Sconosciute... (2000)

A fun little encyclopedia of princesses such as Princess Claire Voyant, Princess Miss Hap, and Princess Oblivia. The illustrations are gorgeous and the entries are fairly entertaining. There is no story or plot, so don't be expecting one. Really gorgeous artwork that I kind of wish I could cut out and hang on my wall (my favorite illustrations are the ones for Princess Oblivia, Princess Hot-Head, and Princess Molly Coddle). The International Alphabet of Fans is hilarious. Definitely a fun read for any young princess lover (they'll need to be not super-young to appreciate the humor of the book...maybe 10-ish? I'm not sure...) I saw this attractive big book at Kadi & Ramadi's library and I instantly fell in love with its absolute creatively crazy idea and its beautifully detailed illustrations!A standing ovation all the way from Jeddah to Paris goes to Rebecca's teacher for recognizing Rebecca's talent and encouraging her to specialize in children's book illustrations!! And to Rebecca Dauteremer herself for illustrating such an awesome book wonderfully. No one could've done it better!What's so unique and captivating about all the characters is that none of them is disney's typical princesses at all!! Almost all of them are weirdly BIG in size and yet BEAUTIFUL!!! It amazes me how the standards of beauty differs from one to another!! I Loved each and every single princess but I'm a bit of a combination of Princess Babbling Brooke who's as talkative as a parrot and impossible to understand. She chatters about everything and says nothing. There's lots of blah blah blah and plenty of tralala!! Holding a conversation with her is exhausting and getting a word in edgewise demands great skills! and princess Amorphia whose a bit of mystery. Upside-down and downside-up! =)Here's some of my fav quotes, "sleep: a time to tell yourself stories not yet written""Singing is like painting with words""words travel. When they come back home they can mean something different""when I forget things, they're just playing hide-and-seek deep inside me""ATTENTION: don't forget to remind yourself to think about remembering" this one is absolutely my fav lol Thank you MUCH Thuraya Bat, you were too generous to let me borrow this precious book for as long as I want! (dancing)

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Beautiful, beautiful and more beautiful. Every page is a joy to behold!!

Funny book of dysfunctional make-believe princesses.. great art.

Very nice illustrations and nicely layout graphics , i love it .

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