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Priority One (2010)

Priority One (2010)

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About book Priority One (2010)

Priority One by Stephani Hecht will thrill the fans who have been flocking to the author’s stand-alone novellas, which feature a shared cast of hot gay men who work as firefighters and paramedics associated with Saint Michael’s Hospital in Flint, Michigan. A writer just can’t beat the dramatic potential involved in emergency work, but so few writers have the requisite medical background, or if they do, they’re not talented enough to blend it into the fiction and make it accessible to us readers. This author, however, has talent and knowledge to spare, which makes for a dynamite combination.The story unfolds in the alternating viewpoints of twenty year-old paramedic Dylan, who is new to Flint, and Kaleb, who has been working in Flint as a firefighter for ten years. Dylan immediately engages the readers’ sympathy on his first day on the job when he trips over an accident victim lying on the ground, and does a highly embarrassing face-plant. Even worse, he does it in front of stud-muffin Kaleb, who finds it amusing. The two meet up again in a gay bar where Kaleb smugly goes about convincing Dylan to come home with him and lose his virginity. However, the tables are turned when Dylan treats the encounter as no more than a pleasurable diversion. Kaleb finds himself falling for Dylan and pursues him, determined to win his heart and uncover the mystery of his tragic past.Val for AReCafe This would have been a five star with just a little more length. Dylan (Lucas' brother) has had a horrible time since coming out, betrayed by more than just his parents. He is now staying with Lucas, and working as a paramedic. He meets Kaleb, a fireman who is notorious for one-offs with just about everyone. Dylan and Kaleb get together, and it would have been great to have more time to develop the relationship. Still, it was a likeable story and they seem to be a true couple.

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This is a wonderful love story. One of the better ones of this series so far.

Good story but way too much tried to be crammed into such a short story.

sweet story about a paramedic and a firefighter.

4 stars(2010)

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