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Prisoner 374215 (2013)

Prisoner 374215 (2013)
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Prisoner 374215 (2013)
Prisoner 374215 (2013)

About book: Oh my God! This was very dark & completely heart-wrenching. The title character's anguish is almost unbearable & the dehumanizing horror he was subjected to were very difficult to read. Yet I was completely riveted from the first page, wanting so badly for him to be saved. Thank God it does end well. That may seem unrealistic in this kind of story, but anything else would kind of destroy your mind, speaking as a reader. Besides which I like that this sends a message that even in the most horrible circumstances, there can be reason for hope: Completely trite, I know, but no less powerful or true. This is NOT some eroticized slave-fic thing, or anything remotely like that, by the way. Nor is there a Stockholm syndrome kind of thing going on. There's not a drop of sex or even romance in it, doesn't need to be. This isn't a Romance, it's a love story in most inhuman of settings, where love is measured in simple acts of kindness like a hand that assists or comforts or a word or look that reminds you you're still a person. It's a very realistic depiction of the power of torture, of hate, to warp the strongest mind, and of power of love to reach us in our darkest places. Sci-Fiction M/M romance in the future where some humans are battling for their freedom 'Browncoat' style like from Firefly.Prisoner 374215 has been brutally experimented and tortured physically, emotional and sexually until on the the guards named Marcus comes to better his situation and then makes a plan to escape. This was a brutal awful experience but there is no sexy time so I would classify this was 'clean'.I would love to read more about this world because it was well though out like a fan-fic from Firefly.short story 37 pages and free2 stars
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4.5 stars. Brilliantly written, the tension held evenly, keeping me In delicious angst.
Gripping, engaging, intense, I wish there was more of this story to read.
All that for nothing. ^_°
3.5 stars
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