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Private Berlin (2013)

Private Berlin (2013)

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0316211176 (ISBN13: 9780316211178)
Little, Brown and Company

About book Private Berlin (2013)

This takes place in Berlin, Germany after the wall has come down. All the evil of the past have not come to light. In this story, the evil is a man who loves to kill people and watch them die. He has done this almost all of his life. Only a few children from before the wall came down, know who he is and he is systematically eliminating them. Private Berlin experts are hot on his trail. Hopefully, they can stop him from his killing spree. A good read! Really enjoyed the Berlin location described in much authentic detail and some of the historic context. However, for people not familiar with the Stasi's actual activity, this might lead to a melodramatic perception of their horror coming from torture instead of the realistic horror of having created a paranoid environment where trusting anyone was extremely difficult. Still recommend it for Berlin and crime novel lovers.

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Quite a lot of twists and turns. Kept in suspence until the last three chapters.

very good page turner......loved it. Every single page was intresting.

Very good, really enjoyed the book

Did not disappoint!

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