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Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching In Every School (2012)

Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching in Every School (2012)
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Teachers College Press
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Professional Capital: Transforming Te...
Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching In Every School (2012)

About book: This is an important read for educators looking to create real change that is driven by... educators. Policy makers are showing us over and over again that the business capital model of education reform does not work. Building up professional capital by creating the conditions for educators to grow together is the way to real educational change.I really enjoyed the concepts, ideas, and strategies discussed in the book. I struggled with some of the examples used by the authors as I have heard from some teachers that worked in the district examples that are referenced and the process was not as smooth or powerful as narrated by the authors.All in all, a great read and a recommended book study for educators. One of the most inspiring books I have read about the power of teacher professional development and ground-up teacher movements to impact education in tremendous ways (as opposed to top-down initiatives that disempower teachers). Hargreaves and Fullan do an excellent job of providing international examples and it was a fascinating read. The case study of Ontario is particularly memorable and inspiring. As a teacher leader, this is one of the most important large-scale books I have read.
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Valuable read. Highly recommended.
A heartening work.
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