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Profezia Dell'anima (2000)

Profezia dell'anima (2000)
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Profezia Dell'anima (2000)
Profezia Dell'anima (2000)

About book: this is the 4. book in this series and I fear it is the last one. It brings Lokan back to life and with it, some interesting discoveries.but unfortunately it does not answer all the open questions - not for the storyline nor for Lokan and Brynthe ending seemed a bit hurried for me - I really would have appreciated a more thorough ending and some kind of Epilogue at the enda big point in favour of this book is, that we see quite a lot from Daes POV ... and as I have stated before I adore him and Roxy!all in all, this series is more than worthy reading because the storyline is unique and very interesting and all the characters and their interactions are loveable This was a tough one for me. I loved the scenes with Lokan's and Bryn's brothers handling things Topworld, but felt a lot of the scenes Underworld with Lokan and Bryn trying to make their way through the 12 gates were extremely drawn out. Some of this could be the length of time I waited to read the final book after reading the first three. Or it could be how little I felt like we really knew Lokan before this book. The three other books were all about his murder, so we knew of him, but he hadn't starred in any of the books before this. The ending also seemed a bit abrupt to me, but I ws still pleased with the book overall. I enjoyed this series and would definitely recommend it to others to read, but this just wouldn't be in my all time favorite series.
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Wonderful ending to this series!!
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