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Programming In Scala (2008)

Programming in Scala (2008)

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About book Programming In Scala (2008)

Quite likely the best book on Scala - not really surprising as it was co-written by Martin Odersky - Scala creator. The book itself is veeery comprehensive and details - some sneak-peaks inside collections' internals are indeed very astonishing. It's also well structured (contrary to some other Scala books), so the learning curve is as filed as possible (for Scala - so it's still not trivial).I like the examples as well - especially the large-scale ones that are perfect to illustrate the general idea of functional programming in Scala.What I didn't like? Book is ancient in its form - just text and code samples: sometimes a picture is worth more than 1000 words. It's not 100% up-to-date as well: content is based on Scala 2.8.1.Anyway, if you're planning to learn Scala - I'm pretty sure you won't find a better resource to aid you. One of the best practical books which I've ever read. Gives the full stack of information on the subject matter, relates concepts to each other to help comprehension, and is fun to read.Although it is verbose sometimes, it is clearly "not for dummies".The only issue to me is the clear differences of style among chapters. It is not a big issue though. In fact, it may be entertaining for some readers. Highly recommended, even for people who don't plan to write a single line of Scala code.

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A superbly written book about an elegant and powerful programming language.

The definitive introduction to the language.

Very, very solid.


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