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Protecting What's His (2013)

Protecting What's His (2013)

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Entangled Publishing (Brazen)

About book Protecting What's His (2013)

Protecting What’s His is a short fun hot read that will immerse you with it's intense steamy scenes, bring out the laughter and smiles from you and blanket you in the love of one naughty sexy cop. Ginger Peet has always carried the shoulder of responsibility and role of parent to her younger sister Willa, having a mother too invested in stripping or pimping herself out to care enough for her own children she had to take charge. Frustrated with her surroundings and feeling helpless to make the changes that she craved Ginger battled down her conscience and risked taking the wad of cash her drunken mother flaunted as she laid passed out, so she could escape the hell hole she knew as home and make a better life for Willa and herself. Derek throws a spanner Ginger’s way to remain hidden and off the grid but the attraction between the pair cannot be tamed, leading Derek to delve into the beautiful southern belles past as his feelings take over to protect what he claims as his, which sets off a roller coaster ride for the pair in emotions, romance, dominance, jealousy, passion, danger and dirty one liners as Derek brands his own law of possessiveness! Another heart racing read with it's killer lines to submit by the talented Tessa Bailey! 4 stars for Ginger and Derek. Love Tessa Bailey! I've read her books out of order (Not a problem since they are basically stand-alones, but with intertwined characters) and am now going back to fill in. TB writes the best dirty talker alpha males and Derek definitely fits that description. I didn't always like his methods to protect Ginger, he was overbearing for sure, but well-intentioned. I liked how he cared for Ginger's sister Willa, who was a great supporting character. The scenes with Ginger and Willa were very well done, fun and touching. I also enjoyed the southern touches on Ginger's character and the Dolly Parton references. The sex scenes were scorching. Hot hot hot. Tessa Bailey never lets me down and that's why she's one of my favorite authors.

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Wow...Sexy hot romance. I really enjoy this author. She is becoming one of my favorites.

A tweet from other authors I love lead me to this gem of a series!

I adored Unfixable so had to go back and read Ginger's book!

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