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Prove It (2011)

Prove It (2011)

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1610402537 (ISBN13: 9781610402538)
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About book Prove It (2011)

4.5 stars. I so enjoyed this story :)What a lovely book! I LOVE friends-to-lovers stories! The only thing I felt was missing for this YA/NA book is the angst. The period in which Silas was proving his love to Warren was short and really lacked that strong uncomfortable feeling of doubt mixed with wanting that Silas and Warren should have been enveloped in. I didn’t get the feeling of an emotional roller coaster that I expect and wanted. Seriously, where was the angst?!?!?For the most part, this was a well written friendship story rather than a romance. Tal was as much a main character as Silas and Warren. Their boyhood and then college days is something to be envied in that it was as near perfect as one can wish for and their friendship and loyalty to each other is much the same. Even though they had great mothers/parents and family, these three guys were each other’s’ family too. I love that they experienced the ups and downs of growing up together and that they had each other for support, love, and a kick in the ass when necessary. I think it would be awesome to see where these characters end up and how they are as adults as they enter another phase in their life.This is my first book from this author and I look forward to reading more. 3.5 stars. This books is sweet. Not so much about the romance but the friendship of these three boys. I liked the concept. Prove it. But really it didn't do anything to help the romance at all. Silas comes out in high school. Just one day he sees a guy and takes it in stride. Tal is everything women and a a good balance to the trio. Warren realizes he's gay after Silas tell him in depth about his BJ. So he knows by senior Prom, but keeps it to himself. Two years into college and boys are 21 and Silas and Tal out Warren. They are friends right. We are 75% done with the book by this point. Then Silas' feeling change and he wants Warren, but Warren is priorities. Relationships are no, hookups okay. So two grown men with active sex lives right. Decided they want each other. So warren says prove it. He's moving across the country in 6 months. So, they both go Celibate even with each other! WTH! Seriously. They have sex in the last page of the book for the first time together. Then cue epilogue. H proved it by NOT jumping his bones and cleaned up??

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I read it a little while ago, but I remember it pretty much hitting every note right for me.

Too short for how cute this was ^^

Slow start. suden end.

Awesome story.

3.5 stars

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