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Prudence Wants A Pet (2011)

Prudence Wants a Pet (2011)

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1596434686 (ISBN13: 9781596434684)
Roaring Brook Press

About book Prudence Wants A Pet (2011)

In this book you will meet Prudence and you will go on a journey with her in her quest to find a pet. I remember when I was younger and I finally got my first pet after I begged my parents to let us get a dog. We went one morning and I picked out the cutest dog there, I was so happy to finally get a pet. Have you ever really wanted a pet? Did you get the pet you wanted or did you get a pet at all? In this book we hope to find out if Prudence finally gets the pet she is after. -personal connection-invites kids to make a personal connection Audience: PrimaryGenre: Realistic fictionPre-Reading Strategy: Picture WalkI think this strategy would work well with this book because there are lots of great pictures. Stephen Michael King did wonderful illustrations. You can see the many "pets" Prudence makes for herself in an attempt to have find the perfect pet. I love the progression that is made on each page with the different activities she tries to do with her "pets" like doing tricks with Formal Footwear. I would stop on the page with the present in the box so the kids don't know what Prudence ends up getting for a pet.

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Fun stick-figure-ish illustrations.

Simply adorable.

Funny book!

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