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Public Display Of Everything (2014)

Public Display of Everything (2014)

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Cara Dee

About book Public Display Of Everything (2014)

I must say didn't even hear of the word voyeurism and what it stands for unless you go looking for it. Then of course i got the drift, And this book was fun to read abit of humor on the side. Flynn 22 is shy but also has a website for people who are voyeurs dont really know how to explain. I guess all i can say is its about people go watch people in the act of public display and more sort of but yeah something like that, but mainly this book wasnt just about that it was more.Cory in the 30s cant keep a job, Flynn approaches Cory in a bar and tells him he needs a body double and all and hires him for the job. Its going to be weird but its going to be hot and sexy as hell. And also public and very public. They share their story of their past amd quickly form a relationship. That was all kinds of lovely! After the initial "I'm so going to picture Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World" thoughts, the more I read about him and Flynn, the more they took on their own personalities and characters in my head! I love how they got together! And as I've mentioned before, I do like me some voyeurism and this had just the right amount! :)The Luke angle, surprised me in a good way. Did not see that coming and I see that we are getting his story too, yay!I enjoyed this very much!

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Really enjoyed this. There was more than romance.

3.5 StarsVery sweet and hot book ;)

Loved it!


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