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Pulled (2011)

Pulled (2011)
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Pulled (2011)
Pulled (2011)

About book: When college freshman Naya meets Etash, a terribly scarred sophomore, she finds herself inexplicably ‘pulled’ toward him.As Naya and Etash fight against the pull drawing them together, they discover that their connection is too strong to be denied. A connection deeper than either of them could fathom.Together they will learn that this is not the first time they have been ‘pulled’ together. Nor will it be their last. I was totally shocked by this book. I knew nothing about it going into it and the only reason I purchased it is because I won a swag pack from a blog that included some signed bookmarks from the author. I wanted to get a couple books from the authors that sent stuff in the pack. This was one of them.Pulled is different than anything I have read lately. Even though it explores the relationship between two college students it takes a different take on it....the twin flames. It was a beautiful story and though I felt it was a bit fast paced at times and the author could have slowed down the progression of their relationship, the explanation of the twin flames made it more understandable.I was shocked by the ending but am excited to continue reading the twin flames trilogy to see what happens next! I have already purchased books 2 and 3. 4.5 stars 56 Book Chicks was Pulled all the way up until the end...You talking about ready to strangle the author over this book - that would be me. I kept trying to remember if this was the book my cousin had already ruined the ending of it for me...but I kept reading and reading and reading. Getting more and more consumed by the damn book and then BAM - Danielle Bannister dropped the hammer on my toes at the end. And I am still PISSED OFF at the way this book ended. Really? Who does that to their readers?How did I get sucked in...OMG, I had to know what was going to happen between Naya and Etash. They had this amazing chemistry, but of course they were both denying it and running from it. Why? Well partly because Naya had a boyfriend Seth. And Seth drags you into the story, because you are dying to know what the hell he is hiding. And when you find out you want to pull his ass in front of a car. Talk about douche - Seth may the biggest douche ever.What I liked about the was captivating. It was a little weird with the stories of the Twin Flames and how they had the same tattoos and stuff. But the weird made it different from your every day boy meets girl sitting in class and they fall in love story. There is a lot of action...controlling boyfriend, nighttime drugging, psychic grandmothers, kidnapping...oh my you will not be bored!What I hated...the damn ending! Like really it was soooo good up until them damn babies. Ohhhh I know you thinking I spoiled it and someone has a baby! WRONG! It's not at all what you are thinking. It is so far fetched but damn if it doesn't make you want to read the next two books! I want to keep reading, but I am terrified that Danielle Bannister will destroy with another ending like this one.Stay tuned to find out if I keep reading this series...~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)
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This story is just a beautifully written story that will resonate with you by the last page.
Heartbreakingly beautiful story. Wow. Looking forward to the sequel.
It is suck a great book to a series that you will not put it down
I loved this story so much :)
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