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Pump Six And Other Stories (2008)

Pump Six and Other Stories (2008)
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Pump Six And Other Stories (2008)
Pump Six And Other Stories (2008)

About book: I certainly consider Bacigalupi to rank among the top five most significant science fiction writers active today. His work crackles with invention and relevancy. Indeed, a few of the stories in this book are among my favorite sci-fi stories of the past decade. So why only 3 stars? I'd already read the Windup Girl, and two of the major stories in Pump Six are clearly first drafts of ideas that were later worked up in the Windup Girl. Nothing wrong with that, of course. It's just that for me this made the volume a little less original. As is to be expected, there were a couple of stories that seemed not to live up to the general excellence (Softener, for ex). Still, if one hasn't read Windup Girl, this is a must-read by one of the the most significant genre writers of the 21st century. And Pop Squad is still haunting me - great story. This one was a surprise to me. I must say I didn't expect much when I bought it but it was the months book over at the sci-fi and fantasy book club here at GR and I had some money over from x-mas.I knew he had written The Windup girl, but I kinda thought that was some steampunk novel.I was wrong. Some of the stories in this collection takes place in the same world as that novel (that I haven't read yet but will - soon)It is a bleak dystopia where humanity is stripped of what makes us human. While I really loved this book and don't hesitate to recommend it to any fans of sci-fi I suggest to not make it your bed-time book cause these stories will eat into your dreams...
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A fantastic collection of sci0fi short stories, some set in the Wind-Up universe
As dystopian as dystopian sci-fi gets. A great collection of short stories!
The first story was a bit disappointing but then I enjoyed the book.
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