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Puppy Love (2009)

Puppy Love (2009)

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1603814337 (ISBN13: 9781603814331)
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About book Puppy Love (2009)

I feel people rate this book (series) low because of a reluctance to admit reading the subject. The writing is picturesque and evocative; the subject confusing and sometimes disturbing. Did I understand all of the motivations of the characters? No. I am not a 18 year old,5'2" 110lb, gay, boy, with an overwhelming need to be in a highly structured relationship. It was almost like a lifestyle documentary that explained a foreign condition and it was very well explained. Ultimately it is a love story that I found moving and well written. I suck at reviews I know that but I just have to have my say. I don't particulary like BDSM stories but when written in the style of authors like Kim Dare, I can appreciate it. Puppy Love is one of those stories you hope will get better but never does. First of all the style of writing is ANNOYING. I actually had to wade through it. The conversations irritated me especially Matt's side, always using terms like "chill dude" and the like. As a main character I find Petey irritating. He seems to have no back bone whatsoever going along with whatever Matt decides and never having an opinion. He is always cowering, always crying and honestly I find him pathetic. Being submissive doesn't mean you have to be someone else's doormat and that's exactly what Petey is. The fact that a grown man is called Petey by everyone and loving it really rubs me up the wrong way but I guess that's just me. Now I dislike a lot of things about Matt, the way he treats Petey: expecting him to be ok with his cheating, cuz yes that's what it is; having him drink his pee which is revolting and in no way sexy. I don't care that Petey doesn't mind it's still gross. I can somehow tolerate and sometimes like BDSM stories but I can never like it when humiliation is introduced. However, as much as reading it was a struggle, I couldn't really abandon the book, there was something about it that made me keep turning the next page. I mean, I came this far, I couldn't just quit! And it was because of that mentality I tortured myself by reading the following two books. I followed Petey's and Matt's story to the end and now I can toss all three books aside never to be read again.

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Just not for me, I do enjoy Master/slave relationships but this one was a little too much for me.

I hate Matt, i really hate Matt.

Good book.

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