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Pursuit Of Honor (2009)

Pursuit of Honor (2009)
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Pursuit Of Honor (2009)
Pursuit Of Honor (2009)

About book: Hakim has set everything up perfectly for their escape after the Washington attack, but The Lion of Al Quada, Kalim, who Hakim "thought" was his best friend, is not listening to any of what Halim has prepared. After Kalim attacks Halim, Halim knows he must escape or lose his life. Meanwhile Mitch Rapp is fighting internal wars in Washington while still trying to find the terrorists. If Kalim had humbled himself and stuck to what Halim had planned all may have gone well. But a proud, arrogant attitude costs him his plan and gives Rapp the upper hand. I'm going to have to stop reading Vince Flynn books, as compelling as they are. Flynn's hero, Mitch Rapp, is an assassin for the United States, constantly at war with the FBI, who insists that there be no torture, no murder, nothing done unless it's by the books. But Mitch is all about torture and murder and doing it all clandestinely. As I read, half of me is wanting Mitch to waterboard, electrocute, beat up and do whatever is necessary to get the bad guy, but the other half of me sides with the FBI that we are a nation that does not do those things.In this book, Book 12 of the Mitch Rapp series, the bad guys are a group of middle eastern terrorists who have attacked the National Counter-terrorism Center in Washington D.C., killing 185 people. The book follows the surviving terrorists and their plans for escape, leaving devastation in their wake, Mitch Rapp and his friend Mike Nash and their attempts to find them and bring them to justice, and the U.S. Congress and top people at the FBI who are trying to reign Rapp in and bring him to justice for taking the law into his own hands.At the end of this book, I was glad that all had turned out the way it did, but felt guilty for cheering Rapp on. I would love to know what author Vince Flynn feels about this whole thing, but, sadly, he is dead.
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Started sort of slow but got better at the end.
Another great Vince Flynn read
Excellent book as always!
Could not put it down!
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