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Queen Bee (2008)

Queen Bee (2008)
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Queen Bee (2008)
Queen Bee (2008)

About book: This book was so silly and random that I just shook my head after reading it. In what world do these type of female exist where all three of you contract HIV or AIDS and each one still feels like they are better than the other one or anyone lost the least out of the situation. Fools, you are all going to lose your life over some trifling mess! Idk, sometimes I just get tired of the stereotypical urban fiction and this book just did not cut it for me. The one good thing I can say about this book is that it kept you interested. From the beginning to the end it was action packed. Other than that there wasn't much more to like about it. I kind of feel like the book intended to discourage people from having unprotected sex but I think they may have done just the opposite and perpetuated it. There were also some mistakes throughout the book. There was a really big one towards the end that completely confused me. Other than that I think it was an okay book.
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i loved the book u should read it its a great book lots of drama
Great Book ! Crazy Ending ! ❤
great read
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