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Queen Bee Goes Home Again (2014)

Queen Bee Goes Home Again (2014)
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1250003512 (ISBN13: 9781250003515)
St. Martin's Press
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Queen Bee Goes Home Again (2014)
Queen Bee Goes Home Again (2014)

About book: I liked this book although it was not exactly what I expected since I had not read this author before. It was an easy read and had a lot going on in the plot. The book had romance, the struggles of someone going back to college at an older age and deciding what to do with their life, complicated family problems and relationships, as well as religious beliefs and humor. This was a first reads book won by my daughter and loaned to me. I won this book in a GOODREADS giveaway and hadn't read any of the authors books before. It does have religious undertones, also references to the principles and practices of AA and 12 step programs. The main character, Lin, moves home to live with her mother after a failed divorce and down spiral in general. The book is based around Lin's move back to her community, setting up a new life, her over opinionated mother, recovering alcoholic brother, and the new Pastor who becomes a love interest. It is a light hearted read, with enough religious tome to make us stop and appreciate several things. I found it a refreshing read!
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Christian fiction....should have been listed or noted as such somewhere.
Funny book, wish I had read some of the author's earlier books.
Way too southern baptist for me...
Easy fun read
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