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Quel Che Resta Di Te (2012)

Quel che resta di te (2012)
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885660941X (ISBN13: 9788856609417)
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Quel Che Resta Di Te (2012)
Quel Che Resta Di Te (2012)

About book: Really good. Having been through stuff like this when I was a teenager, I'd say it's very realistic in emotional terms. The weird unrealness of loss is made even worse by the fact that in your teens you're never at your most articulate. I like that it focused on the friendship between boys, and highlights how real and deep the feelings are but how little is ever explicitly said, and how that has a good unspoken comfort but also a very real danger. Three boys set out with the urn full of the ashes of their dead friend Ross heading for the town of Ross where he always wanted to go. Some of the things they do in the beginning are jaw-dropping (e.g. stealing the urn!) but once they are on their trip they are soon lost in more than one sense of the word. I liked the way that various past events were slowly revealed and I appreciated the dynamic between the three boys. Kenny was lovely but I found the other two a little harder to like.
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An adventurous and sometimes funny look at suicide and its effects on the people who survive.
This book was alright, not the worst book I have ever read ,and not the best book.
Did not finish. Found it incredibly boring. Not my cup of tea.
More like 3 1/2 stars. Read for professional review.
Teen fiction; road-trip/coming of age (boys).
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