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Quem Tem Medo De Virginia? (2012)

Quem tem medo de Virginia? (2012)

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About book Quem Tem Medo De Virginia? (2012)

I adore this book. It's about two sisters named Virginia and Vanessa. Virginia feels wolfish and is unhappy. Vanessa wants her happy sister back and paints Virginia a mural of her perfect paradise. This makes Virginia happy and she transforms from wolf back to girl. I like how both sisters compromise and figure out a solution. Vanessa is patient and understanding, while Virginia allows her sister to help her through a tough time. A new favorite. Perfect title. I love, love, loooved this book. Even without the incredible typeface and illustrations (which are absolutely stunning) the actual story is moving and pitch-perfect.It can be amazingly difficult to deal with someone suffering from depression. It's frustrating and slow-going and ... depressing. Conveying that to children is a momentous task and Kyo Maclear does it with poise and tact. She shows kids that you can't just give up on someone who's feeling "wolfish," and that sticking it out will pay off in the long run.And the illustrations (the illustrations!) are to die for. Gorgeous. I love that the first half of the book (during Virginia's depression) are illustrated in black and white and grey. As Vanessa starts to make some headway with her sister, the drawings become bold and colourful. Who doesn't love artistic metaphors, amirite?

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Incredible illustrations. Isabelle Arsenault blows my mind with her beautiful work.

Love this book for both its writing and its pictures. Brilliant.

AMAZING illustrations. Definitely a keeper.

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