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Quinn's Hart (2010)

Quinn's Hart (2010)

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Amber Allure

About book Quinn's Hart (2010)

it was absolutely sweet, but thankfully not too sweet. and it was funny. i like ALL characters including Clay with his "being tied up and spanked" fantasy, Damien and his high self esteem (if You can call this way being an ass) and "coming to his lover" Billy. they are all presented in a way that makes them feel real even though we don't really know much about them - actions say more than wasn't "i"ll remeber this for my whole life type of book, but i had a lot of fun reading it:) rating: 1.5/5I gave it a half a star extra because I did finish it, and despite its many flaws (should I say instead, this just wasn't for me?) there were a few moments that had me laughing. Now, where do I start?The characters were shallow idiots with emotional maturity of 13 year olds. Simple emotions, simple reactions... as shallow as a Florida puddle after a half hour trickle of rain. And speaking of Florida, it is not Animal Kingdom Park... just frickin' Animal Kingdom. And same goes for every single theme park name, leave the word "Park" out of it. The ex O-towner (for those uninitiated that's an Orlando resident, the city this story takes place in) in me cringed. Fine, I know I'm being picky but I claim ex-employee right to cringe and cringe I will. And see what I did above? I used the word cringe over and over and over again, completely ignoring any synonyms or alternate ways of saying things such as cower, shirk, recoil, or run away screaming frantically. In this same way the writing is juvenile, simple words like "big" and "small" overused as if a Thesaurus was just a figment of imagination. The sentences are short, and at times don't flow naturally. I hate writing negative reviews but halfway through my only motivation to finish this novella was the desire to write down and share all the thoughts popping into my head. And my OCD doesn't let me abandon books easily. If you want a simple, fluffy story with characters who lack cognitive or emotional maturity and bask in melodrama, and an uncomplicated style of writing, go for it. It does have a few humorous moments. Otherwise, throw your money at some other author.

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So sweet. Loved, loved, loved this story!! I couldn't stop smiling :-)

3.5 stars. This was a really cute story that I enjoyed quite a bit.

4.5* - loved it! And just adored Quinn.

Rated 3.50 stars.

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