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Racing Hearts (1984)

Racing Hearts (1984)
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Racing Hearts (1984)
Racing Hearts (1984)

About book: Source: I read this book online via OpenLibrary. Cost: Free Title: Racing Hearts Series: Sweet Valley High #9 Author: Kate William and Francine Pascal Overall Rating: 3 stars And on today's episode of Why the Wakefield Twins Are Better Than Us Mere Mortals: They don't get frizzy hair! The shock. The scandal.I had quite a lot of thoughts on this one. 1) Lila is a horrible person.2) Do all American schools place so much emphasis on sports?3) Dennis is up to something. 4) Having a friend that is a janitor is the most embarrassing thing in Sweet Valley. And this weeks moral point: Jessica discovered that you should only stop bullying a person when you discover their hidden talent.

This was one of the weaker entries, focusing on poor Roger with a crush on rich Lila. He catches her eye when he wins a qualifying track race. Unfortunately, his job will prevent him from participating in the *big* race. Will he tell Lila he so poor that he has to work to help his parents pay the rent? Will Lila care? Will he be able to run the race? Will he win? Will that be enough for Lila? SVH lovers probably can answer these questions without actually reading the book, although my son was very careful not to give away the big reveal when talking about future entries in the series.
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I really liked Roger and the common but always refreshing tale of the underdog coming out on top. Stuck up rich bitch Lila gets the kiss off as Roger comes to the realization that the girl of his dreams isn't the girl of his heart. Poor Jessica isn't having the best of luck with guys or dates for that matter. But, as always with her erratic emotions, she's quick to forget her fleeting romantic disappointments and moves onto the next lucky guy.
Roger Barrett is the fastest runner at SVH, but he can't run in the Bart race because his boss will fire him from his janitor job. Roger needs that job because his mother is sick and can't work and his dad is too drunk to get a job. But after he races to qualify for the Bart everyone pays attention to him. Even Lila, the girl he has had a crush on for forever, is interested in him. The whole school is counting on him to win. Will Roger tell the truth that he can't run or risk losing his job? And will Roger see that Lila is only interested in him when he's popular but that there's a girl who's liked him for a long time?
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