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Radiant Shadows (2010)

Radiant Shadows (2010)

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I had high expectations from this one since I loved the former book. Although it wasn’t as good as the third book, it still had its perks. I love that Devlin finally discovered who and what he truly is and stood up to it rather than just obey his sister.I had one major problem with it though, that it didn’t once mention anything about characters who play such a huge role in the other books. Of course it doesn’t concern them but they are a pretty important part of the faerie world.I didn’t quite understand how the main characters fell in love the second time they met. Seemed unreal. Didn’t connect with that aspect. Don’t get me wrong, I do ship them. I just wish there were more sparks rather than love at first sight. Love the suspense of the impending war and the new decisions taken. 2.5 stars. Definitely the worst book of the series so far, it was so hard to stay motivated to read because there was such slow progress at the beginning of the book with everything that was happening. Didn't really liked Devlin's and Ani's relationship all that much and I feel like their whole relationship just moved so fast. The end of the book really picked up though. I sped through the last 100 or so pages.

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Lemmed it, sorry. I'm not reading much on paper right now.

See series review under Wicked Lovely #1

Super emotional, and frankly, inspiring.


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