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Real Mermaids Don't Hold Their Breath (2012)

Real Mermaids Don't Hold Their Breath (2012)

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About book Real Mermaids Don't Hold Their Breath (2012)

This book picks up right were the first one ended and does a great job keeping the pace. My daughter loved this book. There are new wrinkles along the way as the truth about Jade is revealed to her best friend. There is a quest to find her mother and return her to the family, and of course her blossoming relationship with Luke, who we learned from the end of the first book is also a Mer. Pure, delightful fantasy for a pre-adolescent and not a bad read for adults, if you like mermaids and pre-teen angst. When I brought this book home from the library, I didn't realize it was the second book in the series until I looked it up on But then I started reading it and I understood it pretty good. I thought it was really cute and had a pretty good plot line. It was a short and easy read. I liked all the characters and thought that Luke and Jade were really cute. I thought Cori was a really great best friend and really funny. jade was brave and loyal because she would do anything to save her friends and family and do the best for them. But one thing I didn't like was sometimes the book would move to fast. it would like move from one thing to the next. Other than that, the plot was really good. If you're looking for a short and cute read, then this is the book for you. I will have to go and find the first book and the next few ones. This is a pretty good series so far. Hope you enjoy it.

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I read this b4 the first one bc I didn't know so a little TINY but confusing, but really great(:

Such a great book. A bit inappropriate for my age but really good!

This book was great. I am really excited to keep reading!!

Pretty good book although some false descriptions.4 stars

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