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Reaper's Stand (2014)

Reaper's Stand (2014)

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0425272362 (ISBN13: 9780425272367)
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About book Reaper's Stand (2014)

Wow!! Though the scenes happened pretty fast, in less than 2 weeks, the dynamics between the characters were very good.Like the first 3 books, there's Picnic as the alpha male this time around, and as this MC's president, I liked how London tried to keep her head afloat, though the cartel brought her on a compromising situation. I liked that she cared a lot for Jess, treated her as her own kid. Then eventually the whole club as well.I also liked how Picnic tried his best to respect Hunter even he's with the Devils Jack, all because he loved Em so much. 4.5 Dark Gritty Stars....With great one linersThe Series continues in great form. Each character couple have a different feel to their story. Picnic and London were certainly more sure of themselves and both had family to consider. I loved their own inner monologues and Reese's 'conversations' with Heather were a bikerish way!I enjoyed the way this book portrayed the relationships between the men especially. The Hunter/ Reese vibe is funny at times and dark also.So, why not 5 stars? I don't want to give spoilers so suffice to say, I didn't like a major choice London made. I thought Reese was particularly belligerent in his behaviour before he and she started seeing each other properly. I know they were not together then but still....he was an ass. But even he himself said he was so maybe I forgive him!Excellent read. Highly recommended this series. I want Painter and Puck's stories..... looking forward to Silver Bastards.

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Personally I didn't like this one as much as the other books. London did my head in at times!

Picnic with London + Heather + shooting stars = pure love. Best since ever!

LOVED this one! Can't wait for the next one! Agh....!!

4.25 stars

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