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Reasons Not To Fall In Love (2014)

Reasons Not to Fall in Love (2014)

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I read the Synopsis to this book and was very excited to read it, I was in the mood for a story with well developed characters. I did not find that in this book. Bronwyn who comes from a seemingly good family with strong bonds make the most atrocious decision to live a life of destitute with her child because she doesn't want to face her mom and admitted that her low option of Finn, Bronwyn husband was spot on. Not only that I invested much of my time reading this book dispute this all because their were hints of a light being at the end of the very dark tunnel that is this characters life in the form of Harrison. However as soon as you get to the bright light and you think that your going to see beyond that, the book ends. Remember as a child, while you were at school daydreaming about getting home and eating the one thing in refrigerator that has been on your mind all day e.i food, Ice cream, Cake, Cookies, only to discover it's no longer there, remember that crushing disappointment, that is what reading this book feels like. Mon 3:02am Just a short read actually. The title caught my attention so I gave it a try. For me this book is a threat or let's just say a warning. Not all relationship would work until the end and sometimes the only reason you hold on is because you're afraid to let this person go where in fact, the thing that you actually need to do is to let go. When there's no love, there's no way the relationship would work anymore. It's just a fast paced story revolving around Bronwyn's tough situation in life as an unhappy married woman with a child and her cheater, gambler and irresponsible husband named Finn. Whose marriage didn't work the way it should be. This book actually made feel afraid to fall in love again. I could sense the reality in this book and what might actually happen after several years after marriage. I don't know. Let's see.

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enjoyed reading this book wished was bit longer tho :-)

Love love love I hope there is a 2nd book

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