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Reclaiming The Sand (2000)

Reclaiming the Sand (2000)
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Reclaiming The Sand (2000)
Reclaiming The Sand (2000)

About book: I honestly don't know how to rate this. The story was very well written, Ms Walters definitely knows how to tell a story. The main character was so unlikable and ignorant, I could barely make it through the book. I wanted to reach through the book and sucker punch her in the throat most of the time. If the purpose of a book is to make you feel, mission accomplished, however, I have no good feelings about the main character. This is not a feel good book, nor did I ever see it listed as one. I don't know if I have the words to explain how much this book touched me. The characters were so well written. Flynn touched my heart and I felt so much for what he had to go through. But Ellie also touched my heart. She was awful in so many ways yet hearing her perspective gave an understanding of her. This book brought me to tears many times. I felt so much for Flynn and Ellie both. A beautifully written book that will stay with me.
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This was a very special, unique and moving story. 4,5 stars!
4.5 stars.
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