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Red Dirt Heart 2 (2000)

Red Dirt Heart 2 (2000)
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Red Dirt Heart 2 (2000)
Red Dirt Heart 2 (2000)

About book: This second book is nothing as exciting as the first one, I get the author is trying to discover the emotional side of the characters but it reads rather plain and predictable. What the author might have forgotten is that although the main characters are gay, but gay guys are still dudes, the author has made these young boys sound rather like boring old house wives in 'Neighbours' and 'Days of our lives', what a disappointment. Travis and Charlie and the whole Sutton team are such real, down-to-earth people with flaws and weaknesses. So relatable. I enjoyed revisiting them. Love Travis picking up the orphaned animals, so sweet. Hope there's more of Nugget in book 3. Wombat, woot! I completely loved book one, and while I enjoyed this book, I can't quite give it the 5 stars that I did the first for a few reasons. For the most part, I adored Travis in this. And Charlie's growth in this book read very authentic. But he often came across as exactly what Ma said, immature. And I didn't get that to such an extent about him in book one. This was more of a character study than a plot driven book. The silent treatments, cold shoulders and sulking the MCs used for a good part of the book--while I recognize it's to show part of their growth as individuals and as a couple--still it all rather got to me after a while. There was also maybe too much use of the hyphenated adjectives which Charlie used to describe feelings, facial expressions, etc. Book one had a few editing errors, book two had a bit more--they were minor and not enough to significantly detract from the story. Will definitely be moving on to book three as soon as I can get my hands on it!
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This book was read and reviewed by Elizabetta for Love Bytes Reviews.
Another good book in the series! Still Love this couple!
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