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Red Hood And The Outlaws, Vol. 2: The Starfire (2013)

Red Hood and the Outlaws, Vol. 2: The Starfire (2013)

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1401240909 (ISBN13: 9781401240905)
DC Comics

About book Red Hood And The Outlaws, Vol. 2: The Starfire (2013)

RED HOOD IN SPACE??THOUGHTS:This book is largely a space battle book that I can't help thinking about Marvel's Starjammers. Red Hood seems very out of place, but I'll go along with it since Starfire's one of the trio. The issue dealing with the Batman Night of the Owls storyline reveals a bit about Red Hood and while in this book it seems a bit obligatory since Red Hood's a part of the Batman universe, the issue works better in the Batman Night of the Owls trade paperback. Each of the owls has their own unique backstory, but just reading the one issue contained here the reader won't get that.VERDICT:You have to be a REAL Red Hood fan to go along with this one, but Death of the Family's the next one so I'm hanging in for that one... The Starfire picks up right where volume 1, Redemption left off in terms of action, adventure and humour. Seeing Arsenal extinguish a corridor of enemies that Starfire has just burned to a crisp set the tone for a comedic and violent chapter of the series. The art team of Kenneth Rocafort and Blond also continue to excel as the trio of Outlaws get involved in the Night Of The Owls and then head into space. Unfortunately, that's where things soon begin to fall apart.Rocafort leaves the book and the continuing efforts of colourist Blond can't redeem the awful artwork by replacement Timothy Green II. I wouldn't want to read any book that Green was artist on, but DC replacing Rocafort's eye-catching work with this mess was a terrible decision. Writer Scott Lobdell then seems to lose interest in his space-oriented story, even using Arsenal for a large amount of fourth wall-breaking narration that doesn't sync well with the action at all. Everything wraps up fairly quickly and in an underwhelming fashion, but the final chapter is sadly even worse.Pascal Alixe completely butchers the faces and general appearance of nearly every character in the issue. The content is pure filler too, with a Superman appearance that will make little sense if you don't follow his solo series. Granted, it finishes with a intriguing cliffhanger for the Death Of The Family cross over event, but it's not enough to make up for the huge dip in quality for most of the collection. Disappointing after such a good start.

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Definitely one of my favorites of the new 52. It's fun and action packed

This series has quickly become my favorite of the New 52.

This was great. I love that the titles were after songs.

I love the humor and quips in this series.

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