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Red Lanterns 01 (2012)

Red Lanterns 01 (2012)
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ECC Ediciones (El Catálogo del Cómic, DC Comics)
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Red Lanterns 01 (2012)
Red Lanterns 01 (2012)

About book: I feel bad for Peter Milligan, because he does not deserve this review, but man, this was just awful. It's not his fault though. He was given this book of villains who are so consumed by rage that they can't even string together a complete thought, let alone sentence, and was expected to make an interesting story? Ouch.There are so many stories and plot threads here that haven't gotten resolved yet, and pretty lame plot devices that actually make the story more readable. There is so much going on that the pacing of the book is really poor.On the plus side, this series IS trending up. I gave 1 star because the origin story of the new Red Lantern from Earth was pretty good, and now that he is a full-fledged Red, this series should be getting better. I gave the second star because issue 7 was really good. Issues 1-6 were very disappointing, but I will give volume 2 a shot because of how this one ended. Hopefully the upward trend continues. I've been reading a lot of the Lantern stuff with the New 52, and I really have enjoyed it for the most part. The Red Lanterns I don't really get, though. I get the point, but being as this was my first real exposure, I guess it might be an issue of appeal, or maybe this is DC's try at a Hulk-like variation? Not sure, but this was interesting enough to go with even though I'm not sure I exactly enjoyed it.
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Really not a huge fan of a lot of the Green Lantern stuff, but I really enjoyed Red Lanterns.
Holy monologues batman. Seriously, who knew rage could be so dull and monotonous?
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