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Red Rising (2014)

Red Rising (2014)
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0345539788 (ISBN13: 9780345539786)
Del Rey (Random House)
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Red Rising (2014)
Red Rising (2014)

About book: I found this to be a better "Hunger Games" and "Divergent" for me. I thought it read more adult than some of the other dystopias. My recent fall semester course on leadership came up for me a bit as I read this which was fascinating. It was an easy read and one I couldn't put down, in fact staying up Christmas Eve until 5am to keep reading it! There's nothing new in plot, character development, etc. but it was a really pleasurable read and one I can see myself rereading because it's so easy and interesting. Very fun page turner that also feels a little to me too. The story is far from original combining the houses of Harry Potter with the distopia of divergent mixed with the battle school offenders game and the teenager killing of the hunger games. It is well done. It is a page turner and let's face it perfect old liked those aspects of the books it liberally borrows from. A lot. I would still recommend it with the me too caveat. It's fun and fast.
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Well-written but incredibly brutal and gory. The story does however, pull you in.
Started very slow, but makes up for it!
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